Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become a popular treatment, offering a way to achieve fuller, longer, and more glamorous lashes without the need for daily mascara or strip lashes. At Instabeauty aesthetics, we take pride in offering advanced lash extension services both in our luxurious salon and through our convenient mobile service, right to your doorstep in Cambridge, UK.

Instabeauty aesthetics is committed to providing exceptional lash extension services, whether you choose to visit our salon or prefer the convenience of a mobile appointment. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • – Our lash artists are highly trained and experienced, ensuring beautiful, long-lasting results of lash extensions, without a need for long appointments.
    – Quality Products: We use premium lash products that are safe, durable, and comfortable.
    – Personalised Service: We tailor our services to meet your individual needs and preferences, ensuring a look that’s uniquely yours.Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with every appointment.

Different types of lash extensions that we do:

1. Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions by InstaBeauty are the epitome of timeless elegance, subtly enhance your natural lashes with added length. Unlike Volume Russian lashes, which create fulness and dramatic look with multiple lashes applied to each of your natural lash, classic lashes applied a one-to-one application. This method results in a more natural look, perfect for those who desire a enhanced, everyday look without the heaviness of volume lashes. These are stunning lashes that highlight your eyes with a sophisticated charm. Choose classic lash extensions for a look that is both elegant and effortless, perfect for any occasion.

2. Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian volume lash extensions by Instabeauty are the ultimate choice for achieving a lush, voluminous look that is both dramatic and sophisticated. These extensions involve applying multiple ultra-fine lashes to each natural lash, creating a full and dense appearance. You can choose between 2D to 8D thickness. Unlike classic lash extensions, which focus on a single extension per natural lash, Russian volume lashes use advanced technique, which creates intricate, lightweight fans of 2D-8D extensions. This method provides an intense volume while maintaining a soft, fluffy texture that enhances the beauty of your eyes. Perfect for special occasions or everyday glamour, Russian volume lash extensions deliver long-lasting, luxurious results. Maintenance is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks infills. Price for full set varies depending on the thickness client choose. The thicker lashes needed the more expensive price per set. Instabeauty most popular set is 3D lashes which are £60, infills £45. You can choose cheaper sets which look more natural than in the photo on your left or classic set. Trust Instabeauty’s experienced technicians to craft a stunning and comfortable lash look that truly stands out.

3. Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lash extensions by Instabeauty offer the perfect balance between classic and volume lashes, providing a versatile and customisable look that enhances your natural beauty. Combining the length and definition of classic lashes with the fullness and texture of volume lashes, hybrid extensions create a stunning, multi-dimensional effect. This unique blend is ideal for those who want more volume than classic extensions but a more natural look than full volume or mega volume lashes. Our expert technicians meticulously apply a mix of single and fan lashes to achieve a tailored, glamorous result that suits your eye shape and personal style. With hybrid lash extensions from InstaBeauty, enjoy the best of both worlds and achieve a beautifully balanced, eye-catching look. Infills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain this beautiful set.

4. Russian Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Mega volume lash extensions by Instabeauty are for those who want to make a full and glamorous statement. These extensions involve applying multiple ultra-fine lashes to each of your natural lash, creating an incredibly dense and dramatic look. Unlike classic lash extensions, which provide a natural enhancement, mega volume lashes offer unparalleled fullness and volume, perfect for special occasions or those who love a standout look every day. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques and the finest products to ensure your mega volume lashes are not only stunning but also comfortable and long-lasting. Experience the ultimate in lash luxury with Instabeauty’s mega volume lash extensions and let your eyes truly captivate.

5. Various lengths, colours, types Lash Extensions

At Instabeauty, we offer a wide range of lash extensions to cater to your unique style and preferences. Our lash extensions come in various lengths, from subtle enhancements to bold, dramatic looks, ensuring you find the perfect fit for any occasion. Additionally, we provide an array of colors, allowing you to add a pop of personality or a natural-looking tint to your lashes. Whether you prefer classic, hybrid, Russian volume, or mega volume lash extensions, our expert technicians are here to customise your lash experience to suit your individual needs. With high-quality materials and precise application techniques, InstaBeauty guarantees stunning, long-lasting results that enhance your natural beauty. Explore the endless possibilities with our diverse lash extension options and let your eyes shine with confidence.

The Mobile Lash Extension Procedure with InstaBeauty: What to Expect:
  1. Booking Your Appointment: Schedule your mobile lash extension appointment at a time that suits you best. Our flexible scheduling allows for early mornings, evenings, or weekends, ensuring convenience for even the busiest individuals.
  2. Preparing for the Appointment: Before the technician arrives, choose a comfortable spot in your home where you can lie down and relax for the duration of the procedure. A clean, well-lit area such as a living room or bedroom is ideal. Make sure there’s enough space for the technician to set up their portable bed equipment. Make sure you have a chair ready.
  3. Technician Arrival and Setup: Our highly trained lash technician will arrive at your home, please make sure to arrange a free parking slot. Technician will bring all necessary equipment, including a portable lash bed, and sterilised tools. The technician will set up a temporary workstation, ensuring a hygienic and organised environment. Please keep home pets away, and make sure to have childcare or children away from hazard tools technicians carry.
  4. Consultation and Customisation: Your appointment will begin with a consultation to discuss your desired lash look. Whether you prefer natural, classic extensions or a more dramatic, voluminous style, our technician will tailor the service to your preferences and eye shape.
  5. Relax and Enjoy: The entire process typically takes between 1 to 1.5 hours, during which you can relax in the comfort of your own home. After the procedure, you can immediately enjoy your stunning new lashes without the need to travel or wait in a salon.

Why Choose Us?

Our clinic is at the forefront of cosmetic dermatology, with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing personalised care. We have over 15 year experience in doing lash extensions, we understand the various types of eyes and we tailor lashes to your unique needs. Lash extensions at our salon lasts at least 8 weeks and we pride in a fast work, you won’t need to lay waiting more than 2 hours for your lashes!

Ready to enhance your lashes with InstaBeauty? Whether you opt for the salon experience or the convenience of our mobile service, we guarantee stunning results that will make your eyes pop. Contact us today to book your appointment and discover why InstaBeauty is Cambridge’s top choice for advanced lash extensions. We look forward to helping you achieve the lashes of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my lash extension appointment?

Ensure your natural lashes are clean and free of makeup, oils, and residues. For mobile appointments, choose a comfortable, well-lit space where the technician can set up their equipment.

What should I do to maintain my lash extensions?

Avoid water, steam, and oil-based products on your lashes for the first 24-48 hours. After that, gently cleanse your lashes with Instabeauty lash Cleanser (find in SHOP) regularly and avoid rubbing or pulling on them.

Can I wear makeup with lash extensions?

Yes, but avoid oil-based makeup and removers, as they can weaken the adhesive. Use water-based or extension-friendly products instead.

How long do Instabeauty lash extensions last?

With proper care, lash extensions last 8 weeks, with touch-ups recommended every 3 weeks to maintain fullness and appearance.

How many days ideally before special ocassion should I get lash extensions?

It is recommended to get your lash extensions done 2-3 days before your holiday or special occasions. This allows time for the adhesive to fully set and for any potential minor irritation to subside, ensuring your lashes look perfect for your vacation.

Do you offer brown color lash extensions?

Yes, we do offer brown colour lash extensions. They provide a softer, more natural look that can beautifully enhance your eyes while blending seamlessly with your natural lashes. Perfect for those seeking a subtler enhancement, our brown lash extensions are available in various lengths and styles to suit your preferences. Make sure to select in booking coloured lash ADD ON. Or inform us of your preference in colours or curls.